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Trackless Windows Recommended Settings

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For optimal operation of Trackless Studio in Windows 7, we strongly recommend the following settings: Set your Windows Fonts size to 100% Control Panel (View by: Large Icons) Smaller 100% default Disable Windows 7 GUI effects (Aero): Control Panel (View by: Large Icons) Personalization Theme: “Windows 7 Basic” System Advanced System Settings Performance – Settings Adjust for best Performance Trackless Studio Media preview […]

Trackless XPression recommended settings

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For optimal real-time operation we strongly recommend considering the following XPression settings: You need at least 1 Output Frame Buffer (Hardware Setup-Inputs/Outputs) Set “Keep Input Active” on your Hardware Setup Input Channels High Anti Alias Values can lead into low performance. 8x CSAA High Quality recommended Set the In Memory Cache (Texture & Image Cache) […]


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Your Ross XPression Virtual Set Project for Trackless Studio requires: Always use Rendering-Depth Sorting: in Manual mode 1 Xpression Unit of your Virtual Set has to be 1 inch on the real world. You need to have only 1 camera on each scene, it has to be a perspective camera, and ACTIVE. Each perspective camera horizontal FOV has to be a 45°, near: 4, far: 4000 Floor coordinate: Y: 0.0 Virtual Set center position: X:0, Y:0, Z:0


The Default Frame Port is: 5253 and Default Web Port is 8080 Remember to always enable “Dashboard Opengear” in Trackless Studio Settings To control Trackless Studio from Ross Dashboard as an OpenGear Frame:  First, go to FILE->NEW->TCP/IP openGear Frame Next step is setting your XPression (Trackless) machine IP Address. Don’t click the button “Detect Frame Information. Set the Display Name such […]


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If you are using Trackless Studio for the first time, please consider the following steps: Plug Ross XPression Studio License Dongle into the XPression Machine Install XPression Studio in your XPression Machine Plug Trackless Studio License Dongle into the XPression Machine -Install Trackless Studio in XPression Machine Plug Camera 1 output cable to XPression Input A Plug Camera 2 output cable to XPression Input B Plug Xkeys controller (optional) into XPression USB Open Xpression Import Virtual Set Project Start Trackless Studio Settings. […]


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If you want to add some GUI fixed position graphics following your cam view on top of all the graphics on your virtual set, DO NOT USE Camera Layer on XPression. We recommend to use QUADS or any other object being CHILD of the camera. For example, If you want to add a “Raining” video on top of […]