Frequently Asked Questions

What operating system is compatible with Coiron applications?
For our desktop applications we recommend using Microsoft Windows 7 64bit Professional, considering that all our applications has been developed, compiled and tested in this specific operating system. However our applications has been also tested in Windows 8.1 with good results. For mobile applications we recommend Android 5.0.1. We don’t support Apple IOS operating system but our Web Based interfaces should work on Safari browser.

What Video Card is recommended for Coiron solutions?
We strongly recommend Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 or higher GTX board. 

What is the minimum hardware recommendation for Coiron solutions?
We strongly recommend CPU Intel i7 3970x 3.5 Ghz or higher and 8GB RAM memory. 

What Touch Display is recommended for Coiron Touch solutions?
Most of the standard Full HD 1920×1080 display with USB connection, HDMI video input and natively compatible with Microsoft Windows as an input device should work properly with Coiron touch applications. Older Touch Displays will be detected by Windows as a Mouse, newer touch displays are detected as touch input device with higher sensitivity and precision. For multi-touch features in Touch Factory you need a multi point touch display.

What XPression software do I need for Coiron XPression apps?
Current Telestrate and Touch Factory builds require XPresion (Bluebox or Studio) 5.7 build 3064. Trackless Studio build 1.0.165 requires XPression (Bluebox or Studio) 5.9 build 3163. Chroma Key feature is a must for Trackless Studio. Datalinq feature is recommended in Touch Factory and Trackless Studio for dynamic data-driven graphics and charts. Future releases and newer applications will be compiled for Ross XPression 6.0.

What XPression hardware machine do I need for Coiron XPression apps?
Telestrate and Touch Factory runs in XPresion M3 machines or higher. Trackless Studio requires XPression M4 machines or higher.