Custom Solutions

Custom Graphics and Software Services

gearsWe can build custom 3D models and software applications according to your own specific needs, delivering outstanding tailor-made solutions for Broadcasting and Virtual Reality.

Software. We design and develop powerful but intuitive applications for controlling graphics in Real-time:

– DYNAMIC. If you need dynamic data-driven graphics and content, we can integrate your project with multiple local or external data sources, feeds and databases.

– INTERACT. For interacting with virtual content, we support Touchscreen Displays, Tablets and advanced gesture detection inputs such as Leap motion, Kinect, NOD or Myo.

– CONTROL. For controlling your applications from external devices, we support 3DConnexion, X-keys, Ross Dashboard, AMP Protocol, among others.

Graphics. Creating high quality 3D meshes with advanced textures but optimized for real time rendering performance is not a common and easy task. We can do it for you, fully modeling your Virtual Set, augmented reality objects, or any 3D content element according to your needs.


Custom Virtual Set or Augmented Reality projects for Trackless or Tracked camera virtual set systems. We can deliver the full solution for you, offering not only the software functional side but also all the graphics required.

Custom Ross Dashboard Panel development for easily controlling your Ross XPression scenes and graphics.

Custom applications for controlling Ross XPression realtime graphics.

Custom virtual reality walk-through showroom for Real Estate projects. 

Custom virtual reality presentations for educational purpose.

Graphic Engines

    • Ross XPression
    • Unity 3D
    • Unreal

VR Headsets

    • Oculus Rift
    • Gear VR

Input Devices

    • Touch Screen
    • Android Tablet
    • Leap Motion
    • Thalmic Labs Myo
    • NOD
    • Microsoft Kinect 2.0