Trackless Studio

General Description

trackless_imgTrackless Studio for Ross XPression is an Affordable and User Friendly tool that allows the manipulation of Virtual Sets using fixed cameras.

It’s software based, with a simple Plug and Play installation. The Chroma keying effect is performed live internally by XPression.

Camera Presets
Up to 20 virtual camera presets (2 scenes, 10 per scene), for storing camera position and rotation values. The tool will generate scene transition and camera fly, creating a smooth movement between your current camera position and the final position defined in the selected preset.

Scene Transition
The effects available for transitions between different scenes are: Cut, Dissolve (Fade, Over Black, Additive, Saturate, Desaturate, Invert) Push (Right to Left, Left to Right, Top to Bottom, Bottom to Top), and Distort (Diverge, Pixelate, Sine Wave, Shrink). You can also set the speed of the transition.

Manual Camera Control
Manual movement of the virtual camera are performed relative to the current position and rotation, easy to control, like a first person shooter.
Different optional controllers are compatible with our software solution: Keyboard Arrows, Mouse, X-keys Joystick, Wireless Pointer and Sony Visca Protocol (for Ross Carbonite Joystick)


Trackles Studio app delivers tools for adjusting the Video Input Chroma Keyer effect, without the need of using XPression Studio GUI for setting this, useful for running it in XPression BluexBox achines (without a GUI).

Enables the user to set different Media files for Virtual Displays inside your Virtual Set, choosing between Images, Video Files or Live sources.

Trackless Studio application includes Events actions definitions that enables the user to trigger multiple actions with just “1 click”, such as: updating DatalinqKey values, setting Scene Layers Online or Offline, Media for virtual displays, Play Scene Director animations, trigger Camera Presets, and outbound Ross Talk commands messages to control external Ross machines.

Trackless Studio Solution includes an internal webserver, for calling Camera Presets and Events Actions from web browser enabled devices such as Android Wifi Tablets, Ipad Wifi, among others.

Inbound and outbound Ross Talk protocol communication, for receiving commands from a Ross Carbonite switcher or Ross Dashboard, or send commands to other Ross Talk compatible machines.

Low-Level integration with Ross Dashboard as a Ross Opengear Frame Card, being able to easily control from a remote Dashboard panel. The Dashboard panel is created automatically when connecting to Trackless Studio machine, displaying real-time bidirectional controls communication for camera manual movements, Events, and preset thumbnails directly.

Trackless Hardware Diagram

The following general diagram describes a possible hardware setup for running Trackless Studio software solution in a Ross XPression machine, with a 2 camera input configuration, optional Carbonite Switcher and optional X-keys controller:

Target Shows

    • Weather
    • News
    • Elections
    • Entertainment


    • XPression Studio (or Bluebox)
    • XPression Chroma Keyer License
    • Green Screen Background
    • Green Screen Lighting
    • FullHD 1080 SDI Camera


    • XPression M4 machine
    • nVidia Geforce GTX 780
    • 8GB RAM DDR3
    • Matrox X.mio2 5000 I/O
    • Windows 7 64bit Pro

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