Touch Factory

General Description

transparente_noborder_touchfactoryTouch Factory for Ross XPression is an add-on application for easily build and run touch interactive presentations based on XPression graphics scenes and objects, using a fast, simple and user friendly step by step interface.

No programming skills required! Just selected the objects you want as touch buttons and choose your target scenes with transitions and animations!


– Camera Move (Fly to Target)
– Scene Transition Effects
– Scene Director Animations
– Datalinq for dynamic data-driven Charts and Graphics
– RossTalk (out)

– Drag Objects
– Scale Objects
– Rotate 3D Objects

– MOS/Bluebox workflow compatibility for Touch Factory Player
– Custom Datalinq feature to update multiple custom datalinq keys with just one touch event

Touch Factory Sample Hardware Diagram

The following general diagram describes a possible hardware setup for running Touch Factory software solution:Touch-Factory-Network-Diagram_nologo

Target Shows

    • Weather
    • Finance
    • Elections
    • Sports


    • Ross XPression Studio or Bluebox
    • Touchscreen FullHD 1080
    • SDI to HDMI converter

Recommended Hardware


Important Notice: We offer Touch Factory as a software only add-on solution for Ross XPresion, we don’t sell any of the required or recommended hardware devices

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