General Description

transparent_noborder_telestrateTelestrate for Ross XPression is an add-on application for realtime sports analysis, design to be easily integrated into your current Sports XPression workflow.

It uses just one graphics Layer that can be enabled or disabled from your Ross talk compatible switcher.


Telestrate gives you drawing tools suchs as Geometry shapes, Freestyle drawing and 2D or 3D arrows.
You can also add your own PNG custom shapes.

Replay Server Control

As an option, Telestrate can remotly control Video Replay servers playout.
We currently support the following protocols:
Newtek 3Play 425, 440, 4800
Abekas Mira
*We are adding soon XPression Clips compatibility!

Inputs and Controllers

You can use a graphics overlay buttons, keyboard shortcuts or X-keys controllers:
– X-keys® XK-12 Jog & Shuttle
X-keys® XK-68 Jog & Shuttle
X-keys® XK-16 Stick
X-keys® XK-60 USB Keyboard


Telestrate Sample Hardware Diagram

The following general diagram describes a possible hardware setup for running Telestrate software solution in a Ross XPression machine, with a client touch pc, an optional Xkeys Controller and a generic Video Source:

Telestrate Diagram 1

Target Shows

    • Live Sports
    • Sports Coaching


    • Ross XPression Studio or Bluebox
    • Touchscreen FullHD 1080
    • Windows 7 PC computer
    • SDI to HDMI converter
    • 1Gb LAN

Recommended Hardware


Important Notice

We offer Telestrate as a software only add-on solution for Ross XPresion, we don’t sell any of the required or recommended hardware devices

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